hello i am looking for a twin box spring and mattress if anyone thou with or does not need i greatly appercite it
Hi I just recently went through a breakup and my ex left me with no furniture.... I am in desperate need of living room furniture....couch, loveseat, sectional, chair with ottoman, end tables .... actually anything would be appreciated..... thank you in advance for your kindness
Hello, I m looking for an over the range microwave oven please. Thank you
Looking for the clear plastic pages you can slid paper into and put in a binder
i am in need of pants for my 8 year old son size 12 to 14 or 14 to 16 if anyone has or our thou with i greatly appercite it thanks
Looking for a small end table. 20 x 20 too big. Doesn't have to be perfect.
Would like to have sewing machine.
Looking for a small end table. 20 x 20 too big. Doesn't have to be perfect.
In need of a computer tower with a newer type hard drive my motherboard fried out text me at 815 382 5157 thank you have a good day
Big wood desk would be ideal, file drawer if possible. Greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I am looking for unwanted board books for my son. I don't have many books for him and wish to give him a love for reading at a young age.
I'm looking for clothes for my son for the winter, size 12-18 months.
i am in need of therapy exercise balls to do stretching at home to stretch back and legs large therapy ball or ones you put under legs if any one has or our thou with would greatly appericate i need for streching lower back have injured have bulging disc in back.
Hello i am looking for sleep pants for my 8 year old son if any one has size 10 to 12 or 12 to 14 that they do not need anymore with i greatly appreciate it thanks
Desperate need of full size bed set for my son!! can not afford new one. Anyone have one please help! Queen size ok also..thank you very much in advance!!!
I am looking for a baby monitor, audio only. We are volunteer foster puppy raisers for the service dog organization, Paws With A Cause. We are currently raising our fourth puppy for them, and the baby monitor I got from a freecycler a few years back is on the fritz and is no longer reliable. It is immensely helpful to us to be able to hear when the puppies need to go out at night. If you have a...
Looking for sturdy moving boxes. Thanks so much.
In search of sturdy medium/large sized moving boxes ... thanks for reading :)
Looking for a small indoor trampoline for my son with special needs
Looking for a dog cage
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